Decade of Early Hardcore | 2021 is definitely going to happen on October 23rd 2021.

New Time Decade of early Hardcore 2021

Decade of Early Hardcore | 2021 is definitely going to happen on October 23rd 2021. We had good faith that around October 23rd, parties after midnight would be allowed again, but unfortunately that confidence has drifted away after watching the Unmute Us court hearing against the Dutch state. Although we still support UnMuteUs in this […]

Line Up – Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020

Decade of Early Hardcore Line-Up teaser

On March 14th we take you on a trip ‘Back in Time’. Behold the full Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020 line-up. Early Hardcore – Early Terror – Early Frenchcore 🔻 DECADE LINE-UP 🔻 Ruffneck • Radium • Lady Dana • Frantic Freak • Delirium • The Destroyer • Bass-D • Maissouille • Buzz Fuzz • Dione • Arjuna […]

Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020 – 14/3/20

Latest news Decade of Early Hardcore post

It’s that time of the year again. The day that everyone realizes again, that Early Hardcore is still being loved after so many years. A venue filled with only the real lovers of the Hardcore from the Early days. Decade Events will show you, that Early Hardcore is more than just music to dans to. […]

NEW EVENT! XPOSURE – Frantic Freak 11HRS NoN StoP

Xposure - Frantic Freak 11hrs NoN Stop | 2020

Are you ready to be Xposed to the ultimate test of your life. Pure Hardcore will be injected into your body. Your brain will be turned off. Your endurance will be tested to the maximum. All this will be done by 1 man. Save this date. EVENT: STAY TUNED FOR TICKETSALE INFO!!

New Decade of Early Hardcore Party 2019

Dat Hardcore meer is dan alleen muziek is wel duidelijk. In de jaren negentig is de liefde voor Hardcore bij vele in het bloed gaan zitten. Ben je eenmaal besmet met het Hardcore virus? Dan gaat dat nooit meer over. Dus ook al loop je wel of niet in een Aussie, heb je wel of […]

Line up Decade of Early Hardcore 2018

Met zorg heeft Decade Events weer een knaller van een Line up weten neer te zetten. De Hardcore tempel Hemkade 48 zal dit keer worden opgedeeld in 3 areas. Area 1: Early Hardcore Area 2: The 180 Boiler room Area 3: Ruffneck 25 years *Area 1 – Early Hardcore Promo • Vince • Frantic Freak […]