Lost & Found

Everyone knows it. Loosing something. 
One moment you still have it and the other moment it is gone. Whether it’s about keys, a telephone, jacket or bag, losing something is never fun.

Fortunaly, it often happens at Parties that found items are handed over to the organization. It’s great to know there are still a lot of honest people.
That is the reason that we have developed this page so that everyone who has lost something can find it here, if it is found.

This is also a message for everyone who finds something. Hand it in neatly to the organization.
Good things come to those who make them happen. 

Karma is a bitch, you know!

Found at Decade of Early Hardcore | 09-03-2019

Did you find your lost item here? Fill in the form below to contact us.  Be sure that you can prove that it is your property.