Decade of Early Hardcore | 2023

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It’s that time of the year again.
The day that everyone realizes again, that Early Hardcore is still being loved after so many years. A venue filled with only the real lovers of the Hardcore from the Early days.
Decade Events will show you, that Early Hardcore is more than just music to dans to.
Early Hardcore is a passion, a belief, a way of life.
On April 22nd we will gather to Relive the past with the best and hardest Hardcore from the Early days.

3 Areas
Early Hardcore | Early Terror | Early Frenchcore

Drokz – Ruffneck – Jappo – Claudio Lancinhouse – Panic – Vince – Bass-D – Randy 909
Psiko – Dione – Arjuna – Painbringer – Xqruciator – Gabber Syndrome – Sprinky
The Sequel – Fuckface – Putty – 501 – Early J – Wolffy – MC Den=

Want to travel by bus?
Check out the options below.

11Travel (Netherlands)
Hardtours (Germany)
Feierreisen (Germany)

*minimum age 18.

Full Line-up [a-z]





Gabber Syndrome -DJ-Decade Events - Early Hardcore

Gabber Syndrome

MC Den=

Remsy -DJ-Decade Events - Early Hardcore

MC Remsy

Painbringer -DJ-Decade Events - Early Hardcore



Sprinky -DJ-Decade Events - Early Hardcore