Line Up – Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020

Decade of Early Hardcore Line-Up teaser

On March 14th we take you on a trip ‘Back in Time’. Behold the full Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020 line-up. Early Hardcore – Early Terror – Early Frenchcore 🔻 DECADE LINE-UP 🔻 Ruffneck • Radium • Lady Dana • Frantic Freak • Delirium • The Destroyer • Bass-D • Maissouille • Buzz Fuzz • Dione • Arjuna […]

Decade of Early Hardcore | 2020 – 14/3/20

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It’s that time of the year again. The day that everyone realizes again, that Early Hardcore is still being loved after so many years. A venue filled with only the real lovers of the Hardcore from the Early days. Decade Events will show you, that Early Hardcore is more than just music to dans to. […]